5K iMac

My end-2009 iMac is about to retire after six years of service and so I am selecting a new one. Of course it has to be again a 27″ screen and optimized for my photography purposes.

The retina resolution will allow a much larger part of my RAW images to be visible in 1:1 mode. The iMac retina screen is 5120 x 2880 pixels and my D800 images are 7360 x 4912 pixels maximum.

I will choose the Skylake i7 4.0 GHz CPU as the engine. Graphic processor the M390 seems a good choice for processing all these pixels. The maximum power M390X chip seems for gaming and getting too expensive. This package will be over 3000,- euro.

I’ll take the 3GB Fusion Drive. This allows me to have master copies of all my image libraries directly available. Of course backups on external hard disks.

I want 32 GB RAM but not for Apple prices. I take the standard 8 GB RAM and buy 4 x 8 GB of OWC memory for about 325,- : savings: 400 euro!!!!

Add to this Apple Care and the bill will be around 3500,- euro. My most expensive computer to date, but also the most capable. I can’t wait.